Do you want to earn trust or want to be trustable?

Earning trust is not east task or a very big.So here we will discuss about to trust earning methods.

How To Earn Trust –

1) Do Not Lie

The first thing to always remember that don’t lie.A single lie is enough to break the trust.

A trustworthiness person never tell truth,even how the truth is very hard.

2) Do Not Cheat

Nobody like a cheater.Don’t do it.

If you want to be a trust worthiness then do not try to cheat anyone ever.Cheating breaks the trust very easily and it is very hard to recover trust after cheating.So always avoid cheating.

Never ever do cheat with anyone to be a trust worthy person.

3) Do Not Pretend

Never ever pretend anything.Be real always.

You can not last longer by pretending.

4) Do Not Manipulate

Do not try to manipulate anyone, except yourself.

Everyone has their own freedom on themselves so it’s a fault to manipulate anyone.

5) Do Not Hide The Truth

Truth can not be hide by anyone.

6) Say What You Mean


7) Deliver On Promises

8) Give Trust

9) Explain Your Decisions

10) Share Your Intent

11) Do Not Defend Dishonesty

12) Don’t Brag

13) Be Humble